When Study Brings Sighing

(Though it is only the end of my second week back in school at BCS, I felt very much due for the sort of rejuvenation writing this poem brought me tonight. May it be an encouragement to you as well.)

“Stop your sighing, child dear,
and let frustration and all fear
melt away in My presence near,
as crying follows that first tear.

It is alright to feel worn,
to tire and slow; but do not scorn
the work I’ve put before you, born
of your own dreams from a clearer morn.

Choices every hour you make.
Choose the paths that you must take
to remain faithful for My sake.
I have more than your grades at stake.

For knowledge is sown in the field of facts
and skill is sharpened in the tracks
of careful, focused, steady praxis,
then kept safe til harvest waxes

and I, in My good purpose, choose
that knowledge and that skill to use,
when by My Spirit you confuse
and tear down lofty death-trap views

and offer to the World instead
a healthy meal of Wine and Bread
and food-for-thought from persons dead
who wrote the books you’ll soon have read.”


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