When Grandpa Takes Grandma’s Arm [Poem #2]

National Poetry Month (NPM) Poem #2 is a poem I wrote last week (indeed, not during the month of April*) for my grandparents on their 60th wedding anniversary. To them, I’m still sweet little “Beaver Angel.” To me, they’re still “favorites in the whole wide world.” The strength of their love and marriage continues to be such a blessing from God in my life.

When Grandpa Takes Grandma’s Arm
Dedicated to PDP & Dama
on their 60th Wedding Anniversary

Oh how a little girl is fond
to see love in a marriage bond,
and how a granddaughter is charmed
when Grandpa takes her Grandma’s arm.

It’s true, as often it is said,
that chilvary is not quite dead,
and there’s a love that weathers time;
I’ve seen it with these eyes of mine.

In sturdy love, when worst comes worst,
you’ve learned to put each other first
and in enduring love forbear
with patience, showing tender care.

This love o’erflows and trickes in
to lives of kids and grandchildren
at big reunions in the snow –
at hockey games and ballet shows.

Your sense of humor (it’s the best)
was forged together I would guess,
as was the kindness you unfurl
to “favorites in the whole wide world.”

And like the beauty of the trees
and of the deer and lake-side breeze,
the beauty of your God-giv’n love
reflects the Love that’s from above.


*Forgive that I’m still running on March steam here. I do intend, Lord-willing, to write poems in April per the rather obvious ideal of NPM.


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