A Father’s Day Poem

A poem for my Papa…

They say that children rise
to call their mothers blessed,
to look with warm and loyal eyes
on she who fed and dressed.

And this, of course, is so,
but think of what a son
or daughter would not feel or know
if father they had none.

They would not feel the strength
of manly, muscled arms
that tickle fight and work at length
to build a life of charms.

They would not know the voice
that speaks in deeper tones,
commanding saddened hearts rejoice
and teaching once-unknowns.

They would not see first-hand
the love between a man
and wife that pictures something grand
in God’s salvation plan.

These things and more in you
I happily attest
and on this sunny Father’s Day
rise up and call you blessed.

Papa & Nikkia and Me at Piano.bmp

Two-year-old Nikkia and me with our handsome Papa.


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