A Song for My Unborn Baby

Baby Girl Soukup at 20 Weeks, 4 Days (4/21/15)

While baby girl Soukup (now six days overdue) continues to bide her time in the womb, I’ve decided this is a perfect, last-chance opportunity to post a song I’ve written for her while it still applies! It’s a song for my unborn baby, begun way back in January before we knew her gender or I had felt any movements. I finished the lyrics this morning; they’re a good reminder of the sweet wonder of pregnancy – a chapter so nearly ended for me and this little one!

Our God is not only the Author of life, He’s the Teller of life stories. While Daniel and I wouldn’t have written “overdue” into our daughter’s story, we’re trusting His wisdom in the timing of her birth. And, I can’t help but reflect that this trusting – this at times agonizing waiting – is simply a preview of things to come. The adventure of parenting stretches before us like an exhilarating and treacherous mountain trail. Our role as parents will be a hugely significant one in our child’s life (“Oh, Father, may we point her faithfully to You!”), but our role will not be ultimate. I know we will have many more opportunities to surrender our wills to our Father’s and to wait on Him for the revealing of the glorious good He is working for those in Christ.

May this song inspire your heart to worship the God who, though far above and beyond us, is also immanently and intricately involved in our lives (Psalm 139:13-16).

The Fingers of the Father
by Christina Faye Soukup
[Scroll down for video]

Verse 1:
Hidden as a seed covered with the blackest earth,
Visible as laughter til the hour of your birth,
Distant one, you’re yet so near – a stranger, yet I know
Well your tiny presence as inside of me you grow.

Mystery – your reality;
God weaves flesh and bone.
Mystery – your reality;
The fingers of the Father form your own.

Verse 2:
[You’re] silent as the morning light that warms a waking world,
Vocal as the thoughts inside my head that dance and swirl:
I wonder how you’ll look at me, I wonder how I’ll feel
When at last imagination gives way to what’s real.

Verse 3:
The fingers of the Father – so gentle, sure and strong –
are perfect in their workmanship, composing your life-song.
I pray you’ll learn to trust Him; I pray your heart will see
in the One called Jesus a greater mystery.

(Note: it sometimes sounds like I’m singing, “Mystery OR reality” in the chorus, but it’s actually always, as written, “Mystery – YOUR reality….” I just didn’t enunciate very well each time!)


One thought on “A Song for My Unborn Baby

  1. Christina, that is beautiful! I love that you wrote a song for your little girl before she is born. She will treasure this when she is older I am sure. 😉 Thanks for sharing! And I hope we won’t have to wait too much longer before we can meet her. 😉

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