Discipline (NPM #4)

After midnight but before sleep, I give you my fourth poem for National Poetry Month. I dedicate it to my sisters and fellow discipline learners, Ana and Rebecca—you and your violin practicing grievances inspired this poem. 🙂


Roused to day’s beginning hour,
First task waiting, yet no power;
When emotions slumber on,
Discipline then draw upon.

Pages staring back at you:
Chapter ten, verse twenty-two;
When distractions grow and spawn,
Discipline then draw upon.

Scales, etudes, double-stops,
Drilling ’til morale kerplops;
When Vivaldi makes you yawn,
Discipline then draw upon.

Dishes in the sink once more,
Laundry-folding on the floor;
When your “cleaning mood” is gone,
Discipline then draw upon.

Tasks accomplished, duties done,
Pressing through good things begun;
Discipline not for its sake,
But in hope there’s ground to make:

Knowledge of the Holy Word,
Music of great beauty heard,
Pleasant sanctuary made—
Discipline’s your faithful aid.


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