Stained Glass Roses (NPM #11)

Stained Glass Roses

Stained glass roses grace the light
Flowing to my wearied sight—
Wearied by the cruel, mundane
Ubiquity of things profane.

Holding hope out like a shoot
Pressing up from muddy root—
Oh, this light that calls forth life
In the very heart of strife.

Strife in me, for rest eludes
The sanctuary sin intrudes,
But bud and thorn in glass aglow
Tell of where God’s mercies flow.

Pulsing with the Savior’s heart,
Rose-red wounds, trusted, impart
Peace with God, as does the thorn
For my freedom humbly borne.


The Firebrand (NPM #10)

December 21, 2015 Canon RT5 Download 003

The Firebrand

The firebrand glows like a carrot
Freshly shredded, only too hot
To touch, let alone to eat—
This orange and smoky form of heat.

To my listening ears a snap!
Crackles, pops of steamy sap—
A giant bowl of crispy rice,
A lively concert to entice.

Burning, ebbing from the coals,
Waves of comfort; heat enfolds
Weary muscles, tired mind;
Cozy up and come unwind.

On Your Birthday, Husband (NPM #9)

On Your Birthday, Husband

On your birthday I would tell
How I love you—all the ways
You make my heart with gladness swell
And grace the story of my days.

You’re strong and gentle, comforting,
Like a sturdy, shady tree
Rooted by a fresh, cool spring—
A safe retreat for E and me.

You have a way with humor such
That puts at ease and draws a smile—
A healthy dose and with a touch
Of the absurd once in awhile.

Romantic in your thoughtful speech
And rustic looks and tender hands,
You’ve patient ways of making each
Day special despite life’s demands.

Your striving faith and living hope
Bear testimony to your life
In Christ, and oh, vast is the scope
Of blessing in this for your wife.

So happy birthday my dear friend,
May twenty-six hold varied grace
For deeper joy; may you ascend
The holy hill and seek His face.

Home (NPM #8)


This world is not my final home;
I am a foreign exile here,
But though far from my land I roam,
I’ll yet invest within this sphere.

I’ll plant a crop and take a spouse,
I’ll vote for laws that serve this land;
Before I’m home I’ll have a house
And all these things are from God’s hand.

Yet, soul, take heed, your comfort find
Not in the fleeting things of earth,
But in your heavenly lot assigned:
A home to share your Savior’s mirth.

Thank You, Lord (NPM #6)

Thank You, Lord

Cashew nuts and rich black tea,
Baby sleeping peacefully,
Fingers, agile, typing fast,
Work at hand, and will: steadfast.

Every gift comes by Your pow’r;
Thank you, Jesus, for this hour.

Supper as a family,
Chit-chatting productively,
Tending to our little one,
Lullaby when day is done.

You give gifts before we ask;
Thank you, Jesus, for the past.

Restoration while I sleep,
Trusting You, my soul to keep,
Though tomorrow is unsure,
Your deep mercies will endure.

Gifts flow forth from who You are;
Thank you, Lord, for the future.

Ode to Chocolate (NPM #5)

This one’s especially for you, Mom. 🙂

Ode to Chocolate

Dark, milky, white, creamy,
Hard, silky, soft, dreamy—
Chocolate, you’re a work of art;
Cho-co-late, you’ve won my heart.

Chocolate cakes, and frosting, too,
Chocolate pudding and fondue,
Ice cream, cookies—filled with chips,
Strawberries with chocolate tips.

Dark, milky, white, creamy,
Hard, silky, soft, dreamy—
Chocolate, you’re a work of art;
Cho-co-late, you’ve won my heart.

Truffles boasting goey glee,
Cups all peanut butter-y,
Cacao: eighty-five percent,
Chocolate as a supplement?

Dark, milky, white, creamy,
Hard, silky, soft, dreamy—
Chocolate, you’re a work of art;
Cho-co-late, you’ve won my heart.

Fudge and brownies, nuts or none,
Swiss and German and Belgian,
Mochas (chocolate plus caffeine),
And the dipped espresso bean!

Dark, milky, white, creamy,
Hard, silky, soft, dreamy—
Chocolate, you’re a work of art;
Cho-co-late, you’ve won my heart.

Discipline (NPM #4)

After midnight but before sleep, I give you my fourth poem for National Poetry Month. I dedicate it to my sisters and fellow discipline learners, Ana and Rebecca—you and your violin practicing grievances inspired this poem. 🙂


Roused to day’s beginning hour,
First task waiting, yet no power;
When emotions slumber on,
Discipline then draw upon.

Pages staring back at you:
Chapter ten, verse twenty-two;
When distractions grow and spawn,
Discipline then draw upon.

Scales, etudes, double-stops,
Drilling ’til morale kerplops;
When Vivaldi makes you yawn,
Discipline then draw upon.

Dishes in the sink once more,
Laundry-folding on the floor;
When your “cleaning mood” is gone,
Discipline then draw upon.

Tasks accomplished, duties done,
Pressing through good things begun;
Discipline not for its sake,
But in hope there’s ground to make:

Knowledge of the Holy Word,
Music of great beauty heard,
Pleasant sanctuary made—
Discipline’s your faithful aid.

Homeward (NPM #2)

Below is a short poem for Day 2 of National Poetry Month. Sometimes I feel especially calibrated for the life to come, and tonight, in pondering both the inevitability of death and the surety of my hope for resurrection in Christ, a pilgrim tone—one of patient anticipation—was struck in my heart.


Homeward bends my trav’ling heart,
Closer now than at the start
To Your glory and my rest—
Home of every home the best.