How Big Is God?

I’ve been helping with a kids choir at my church this summer, and one of the songs we’re currently learning begins with these words: “God is so big, God is so small: He’s big enough to rule the universe, He’s small enough to live in my heart.” Taken aback a little by the phrase, “God is so small,” I asked myself the question, “What do they really mean when they say God is small?” Below are my thoughts.

The song is driving at the inexplicable nature of God’s omnipresence. Even though all of God exists everywhere, His presence can be experienced by us in different ways. Think about this: God isn’t necessarily big or small as far as physical dimensions go. You can’t measure Him with a ruler or fit Him in a box of any size. Why not? Because God is spirit (John 4:24). But even though God is spirit, He can still be said to exist in certain physical locations. In Isaiah 66:1, God declares that heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool. When my choir kids sing, God is “big enough to rule the universe,” they’re singing about God as King, who sits on all of heaven like a monarch sits on his throne and who plops His feet down on all of earth like a tired man plops his feet on a footstool. But the Bible also says that God puts His Spirit within us when we are born again (Ezekiel 36:27). When the kids sing, God is “small enough to live in my heart,” they’re singing about the Holy Spirit (who is God) who dwells within us to rule, teach, comfort and delight.

In our human minds, if God can use the earth like a footstool, He must be REALLY big, and if His Spirit can actually live in an individual believer, He must be REALLY small. We can talk this way – we can say that God is both big and small – because the Bible leads us to talk this way. That is, the Bible expects us to be able to look at things and describe them from different angles. I think that’s awesome (it’s certainly a lot of fun). And, I think the kids’ choir song is alright, after-all. =)