Friendship (NPM #16)

Here’s my last poem for National Poetry Month 2016. While I didn’t make my goal of 30 poems this month, I did set a new personal record with 16. I’m thankful to God for that and for the ability to write at all. Until next year!


What is it to be a friend,
One on whom I can depend?
I will tell you what it is,
What I seek of you is this:

Share my laughter in the light,
Share my weeping in the night.
Share my fight for hope until
Hope compels my mind and will.

Gently tell me what you think;
Do not falsely nod and wink.
Sing your heart song, sing it clear—
Not the tune I’d like to hear.

Take sincere delight in me,
Press me toward what I might be.
Love me for Another’s sake,
Love me when your life’s at stake.

Will you be a friend to me?
Love me with a love that’s free?
Would you if you surely knew
I would be a friend to you?

We all long to have a friend,
One on whom we can depend.
And we long to be a friend,
But we fail and oft offend.

There is One who came to be
Best of every friend to me,
And with mercy, patiently,
Works in me His love that’s free.

Come, let’s learn of friendship from
Him who suffered to become
Sympathetic, faithful, meek
To all those who friendship seek.