Thank You, Father, for the Old Testament


I’ve been recently musing on my growing affection for that 75% of our Bibles we call the “OT.” The more time I spend in the Old Testament, the more I am convinced of its incalculable profit to my soul. The diversity of topics, situations, people, and emotions addressed there offers an expansively wide-scope view of God, his world, and his people; and that view ballasts this blade of grass in the twenty-first century. What’s more, that view includes the cross, the resurrection, and eternal life, for I see, more than ever, Jesus in the Old Testament.

There is still so much of the Old Testament that I do not understand, but one thing is clear—like a message written in huge letters across billboards posted every few miles: God is intent on redeeming a sinful people and making them his own through the strength and righteousness of his own hand so that his people might sing and live in humble, delighted praise of his glorious grace, forever. And, he’s done it—is doing it—through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Father, for the Old Testament.