Poetry Podcast Interview

Happy April 1st, friends! While many of you undoubtedly woke this morning with plans for jolly jesting (or pernicious pranking) on your mind, others of you woke and remembered, perhaps, that April is National Poetry Month. Being in the latter group of people myself, I thought to kick off this fresh month for poetic scribbling by posting a podcast interview I did last year with two good friends of mine on the very subject of poetry.

Dan Wanschura and Phil Ensminger host an engaging audio podcast called, Decibel Points, and below is the final episode of the project’s first season, in which I share some meandering thoughts on the poetic craft as well as several of my poems. Enjoy a listen! (And keep in mind this was my first go at an interview of this sort. You might kindly refrain from counting the number of times I use, “like.” 😉 )

– Christina

If you liked this podcast, be sure to check out more from Decibel Points via their website, www.decibelpoints.com.